Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A few pics of Mr. Rylan

Hello 2011!

I know, I know. Last time I posted on here I said I was going to be better about posting. Oops. Well, you know how it goes.

Rylan had a wonderful Christmas Holiday and it was so much fun for Eric and I too. When I became an "adult" I never understood decorating for Christmas. I mean, I really enjoy being around the decorations and I love it when other people decorate but I never wanted to decorate my house. Why? It's a pain in the ass...getting it all out of the attic, moving stuff around, spending hours and hours making it just perfect. And then a few weeks later you have to take it down and pack it up. Bleh! Well, I didn't decorate this year (I know, bad mommy) b/c Rylan is into everything and I honestly did not want to have to pull him away from the tree and make him mad over and over again. Next year, I will begin the decorating b/c now I get it. It's just part of the magic.

A little update on Mr. Rylan: He weighs 21lbs and is 29 3/4" long. I look at him now and it's like he grows every time he sleeps. He looks more and more like a little boy than a baby. He doesn't have much hair still, but it's so cute b/c the little hair he does have gets messy and sticks up. I just love him so much. He does NOT sleep through the night yet. He wakes up every 1-3 hours every night. I might get an occasional portion of the night where he sleeps for 4 hours. It is really really hard. I have not gotten more than 5 hours consecutive sleep in 10 months...and if I get anywhere close to that, it has happened maybe 10 times. I think it's my fault, I held him so much and slept with him when he was tiny and honestly, if I sleep with him then I get sleep. So, I don't care what people say - I try my hardest to keep him in his bed at night, but after playing the game of rock to sleep, lay down, cry, rock to sleep, lay down, cry for more than an hour, I give up. I know he will sleep good eventually. He actually is a great napper though. He has been napping for almost two hours right now. Woot!

He still only has 2 teeth but he is starting to try to climb on things and he will be walking very soon. Oh, and he says Mama now. It's so sweet. It just gets better and better. I love how he will bring a book to me and sit in my lap and give me hugs. He really is the love of my life.

I didn't really make a resolution this year, but my goal is to get very organized. I have been purging my house and it feels so good. I'm on a role, just tossing everything I don't use. My other goal is to keep all flat surfaces in my house clean. That is where my clutter is, so hopefully it will be gone very soon. Oh, and of course my goal is to get my body where I want it. It's the year of the dirty 30 for me...I'm scared. :-/

Saturday, September 25, 2010

6 months!

Okay I don't have a picture right now, but I will add one soon. I'm too tired to walk downstairs at the moment. Haha. Man, those shots were rough this time at the doctor. Poor baby was still whimpering as we were leaving. Ugh, I hate that. He did great though. He weighs 18.14 lbs (75th percentile) and is 26.5" tall (50th percentile). The night was not so good. He woke up every hour or so and was so restless. Lately he tries to get comfortable a lot but just moves around for a long time. I will lay him in his crib and he will try to get comfy and lay his head down and sleep...but he has yet to put himself to sleep. I will leave him there or stand and pat his back but it doesn't work yet. I can tell it's in the future though! :) It's OK with me if he still needs mama to snuggle him to sleep. However, any tricks or suggestions are welcomed for getting some good sleep habits!

So, he was a little constipated the other day and so I decided to give him prunes for his first fruit yesterday at dinner. He did NOT like them at all. I have a video of it that's pretty funny. Although as soon as we stopped recording he did that shudder like it's absolutely disgusting. (Like the I Love Lucy episode of Vitameatavegemin! LOL) But, he did have some relief in his diaper that next morning. So, hah! I win. Wait. How do I win when I'm the one cleaning up shit? Hmmm.

Today he will hardly eat his cereal...he just spits it out b/c he thinks I'm going to sneak those nasty prunes in there again. Lol. I got him to eat some of it finally this morning and I even let him try peaches instead...and he just looked at me like I was giving him gasoline or something. Seriously?? Peaches rock. Mom said those were my favorite when I was little. Maybe I need to make my own food (Courtney said it tastes way better). He refused to really eat at dinner either. But he was really tired from shopping with me today. I assume he will be hungry tomorrow and eat.

I pray for a better night's sleep tonight!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

3 months behind here is how my backwards brain works. I have been meaning to update my blog for weeks now. But, my OCD tendencies make me want to backdate all my postings so that my blog feels more "complete." Makes sense, right?

Okay so a lot is going on now. Rylan is trying to crawl. He can get across the floor but it takes him some work. As some of you might have seen on my facebook post. He talks a lot and laughs ALL THE TIME. But, at the weirdest stuff. He is a riot. He doesn't sleep through the night yet but he is getting better. He might wake up but he tends to go right back to sleep pretty quickly. He looks so big to me in his crib! I can't believe he is almost 6 months old. I am excited to start giving him foods though. He loves to eat his cereal and he can't stand it if we are eating something and he isn't. He doesn't miss many meals. I am still nursing him and I'm not ready to quit yet. He isn't either. He had a grand old time on the boobs today. He was talking laughing between sucks.

We will probably be moving soon to an empty house my family has. I need to do some serious junk sorting and throw out all my clutter so we can list the house. I have a week here and there where I have no energy to keep up with some of the housework. I am motivated now though so hopefully I can make a nice to do list and mark stuff off!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

AH! How did I fall behind again??

I will say...I don't know how you parents of more than one child manage to blog so much. I don't have a good system. My goal is to take pictures every week and then upload them on the same day every week so I don't forget. It makes me sad if I realize I didn't take like 100 pictures of my sweet boy for that week. I will try to post some more recent pics soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010

10 weeks old

Okay...phew. We are up to date now. Let's see...I'm not sure how much he weighs but I imagine it's about 13.5 lbs. He flipped from his tummy to his back this week and now that's all he likes to do if he lays on his tummy. It didn't even scare him when he did it for the first time. But, he can turn REALLY slow too. His new favorite thing to do is for you to pull him up by his hands to sit up and then he will pull himself up on his feet. He hasn't quite learned to put his feet flat and farther apart but he can support his weight well. He will shake and grunt like he is giving it all he's got and then he is soooo happy when he sits down. I can't get over how much fun he is. He also jumps sometimes and looks super proud of himself. I can't believe how big he is already. He looks different to me. He doesn't sleep through the night yet but part of that is my fault b/c I run in too quickly to check on him. He can sleep 7 hours though, but it might be interrupted slightly. He cannot stand to have a dirty diaper...which is really frustrating sometimes. But maybe he will be easy to potty train. Here's hoping!

8 weeks old

2 months already?? No way! His check up went great. He had his shots, which made me so sad. But, I was nursing him and then we took him off for a second and by the time he let out that one cry he was back to nursing so he seemed to do well. Still, that scream they do when they are in pain is just awful. He weighed 12 lbs and was 23 inches long. He can push straight up off his belly and likes to swat at toys. I'm still tired, but I'm doing better. Getting sleep when I can and I'm learning his natural nap times which helps. A perfect morning is when I can just pee and get a shower and dry my hair without having to stop every 3 seconds and put a pacifier in his mouth. Oh who am I kidding? A perfect morning is just getting to pee and brush your teeth without holding a baby.