Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Check out this pic of Chester in mid bark. It's so funny to me. He bounces with every bark. I love my new camera. Great action shots.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I hate punks

So, we are trying to pump gas and these guys are talking shit to Eric while he's walking to the door. Like, "macho" guy talk saying "HEY, hey man" and crap like that. Just trying to start some bullshit. I guess he was trying to prove that he had balls; that he was no vag. Eric ignores them and goes in to pay for the gas. He's standing outside the car about to pump the gas and we hear two loud POPS. I thought it was fireworks being New Years Day. I leaned out of the car and asked Eric if that was a gun. He said he wasn't sure. About that time, I looked back at the car where those guys were and I saw a laser beam pointed at our car...Eric saw it moving in front of him on the ground. It was moving all over the place. I yelled at Eric "GET IN THE CAR!!!" He jumps in and 6 more shots are fired as they speed off. We were ducking down in the car. Nothing hit, we did not hear any bullets but it was definitely gunfire. A pistol. It was scary. Eric and another dude walked over to where the car was to see if they shot someone behind the store or something. Nothing...didn't see any shells on the ground either. We stayed to pump the gas and then we left ASAP. We didn't see anything well enough to provide a description for the police. Eric went inside to speak to the clerk and we took off. Maybe the assholes were shooting at each other in the car. I hope so. Who knows. As Eric says "you can't do anything about those situations." Sad world, people are so selfish. Maybe it's time for a CHL...

I won't be sleeping tonight. And from now on, I will be taking note of EVERY car at gas stations.