Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another first...

Braxton Hicks. Pleh. I experienced my first "contraction" today. (I don't know why I put that in "" since it is a true contraction in some regard) I'm realizing that my body is finally starting to feel the pains of pregnancy. I get back spasms now when I'm just STANDING there. My belly isn't even big yet. Oh yes, it must be from my huge boobs. (I just really wanted to say that once and half way mean it. HA!!!) I don't like these physical restrictions...I mean, I LOVE to be lazy but when I'm actually being productive I really would like to finish what I start. So, would you like to hear what activity put me into a contraction? I was roofing the house. Ha ha ha, NOT. For real this time. Dusting. Yup. I think that means I'm officially fat. I was helping my Grandmother at her house and as I was finishing the last room I felt suddenly heavy in my belly. Man, that uterus gets hard as a rock. It was so weird and uncomfortable!!! Made me panic a little. I mean, the Dr. told me they are expected and as long as I don't have more than 4 an hour it's okay - I just need to lay down and drink lots of water. I panicked b/c I finally realized that I am no longer in control of many bodily functions. Yes, you read that right...functions is plural. I totally should be at a keg party lately with all my belching abilities. I don't even try to be discreet anymore. Damn, I'm hot.

I'm thankful for my best friend (shout out! you know who you are) to help guide me through these new milestones of pregnancy. It's hard feeling out of control and stupid about some stuff. You can read a book all you want, but it really doesn't prepare you for it.

Other than that, I feel little man move every day now...some days more than others. I can't tell any patterns too much yet, except that he is always awake at 6:30am. It's fun feeling him move around, but still feels a little alien to me. I feel March approaching very fast. AH!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

20 Weeks

Okay, I'm half way through. Oh my gosh. Wait, I think this is going too fast! It finally hit me the other day that I don't have much longer before little man will be here. My brain is flooded with thoughts. What do we name him? What do we do for the nursery? What do we buy? Where do I get a money tree? AHHHHH!!!!!! Okay, just breathe. It's just a tiny baby right, it won't be that big of a change. HA! I'll be honest...I'm a little intimidated about being a parent. I believe we will both be great parents but that is a lot of responsibility. It's not about us anymore. I'm thankful we have such great parents that can help us manage the arrival of our son. I really want to know what he will look like. I guess I feel like I should be more prepared....but I'm so undecisive lately. Plus I realize that this is one of those life events that you simply can't prepare enough for. I can't commit to anything, I don't know how I want the nursery to look. I don't like hardly any boy names right now. I guess when the right things come along I will know. I'm not TOO worried about it, I just hate not knowing sometimes.

So, my belly popped out about a week ago. Hello! Just all of a sudden too, it's crazy how it does that. Where the hell was this all hiding before?? It is getting rounder every day, but I really like it. I have never gotten more enjoyment from rubbing my tummy. I do feel light kicks and movement almost every day, but some days I don't feel anything. I hate that. I can't wait for him to let me know exactly what he's doing all the time. That will be fun. (however, when next year rolls around I'll probably be ready to have my body back to myself) Today I felt some stronger movement...almost like he was stretching. I looked down and saw the top of my belly rise and fall a few times. It was so cool!! Finally, a visual confirmation that something IS growing and moving around in there. I'm also very happy to say that I get full very quickly hopefully I will gain the "recommended" amount from now on.

New spot for Jolie

I guess Jolie really wanted to lay in the sun this day b/c I found her in the blinds. Daisy didn't know what to think about this crazy cat.

Afternoon naps

This is Daisy's favorite spot on our couch. I hate that it messes up the cushion but sometimes she just looks so cute I can't help but let her sleep there.