Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Courtney's Shower

Since I have not shown Courtney the pictures I have, she has not had the chance to approve any posting of them. However, I have a couple that are cute and I'm gonna post them regardless :) (Love you Courtney!) The shower was a lot of fun and it was so great to see all of our friends and hang out and eat yummy cake.

This one is a little blurry - hopefully Amy's camera got a better picture and she can share it with us!

Monday, January 11, 2010

29 Weeks

I want to post this as 28 weeks, but I like my 29 week pictures better. Heh. I feel like I'm full of the same ol' news. This baby feels pretty darn big, I believe he is about 3 lbs now. Phew! I can't believe he is still only half way grown (if you go by weight that is). I go see the doctor on Friday and if I still measure big I will get another sono...YAY! I have started to gather my list for the shower invitations so I am super excited about that. I can't wait to finally get this nursery going. I waited until now to start because all the future grandparents said they want to buy me stuff and to quote them they said "don't buy a thing yet!" Well, it's getting close so now it's time to buy. WOOHOO! I will update this soon with nursery stuff and pics from my prego-buddy Courtney's shower.

On another note, I must say I can get really stubborn and mean when it comes to the topic of the nursery or names. I had lunch with my family the other day and my grandmother asked if we had been working on the nursery. I first popped off with a tad rude reply of "well, I'm waiting to have the shower first." I believe at that point I was pissed that I was out of chips for my salsa and had no refil of my beverage. Oh yes and I was starving. I said something nice right after that to make it better. Then, she asked what theme or decor we were going to use. Right then my mother had started talking to me so Eric began to answer her with "we aren't quite sure, but probably a very light sage green, or blue gray and brown or black or white furniture..." Before he could finish she started shaking her head and getting that finger out and began to lecture about how if we want this baby to be smart then we MUST surround him with stimulating colors. I immediately jumped in when I caught the finger pointing out of my peripheral vision and said "I don't care WHAT THEY say, my baby will be smart no matter what and I'm not making a tacky nursery with all those bold primary colors and tacky bedding!" Then my mom jumped in with what she thought I should do...at this point, I just shut off every and all emotion other than top grade bitch. I cannot stand it for someone to ask what you are going to do with something and then interrupt you to tell you that you are a) doing it wrong, or b) that you should do it another way b/c it's the "right" way. ARRRGGH!!!! Eric pulled me over and told me to back off and be nice even though he agreed that I had a right to get angry. I'm glad he does that b/c I would never know. I can get pretty vicious. I know, shocker right. Well, since I popped off like that the conversation moved to another subject and I never really got to talk about what I wanted to say. So then that made me mad. I tried to engage in pleasant conversation for the rest of the lunch and I left on a good note. But for the rest of the day I felt upset that I reacted that way, and also upset about people trying to tell me how to do things. I am ALL ABOUT taking advice from people, especially my elders but give me a friggin' break people. I called my mother afterwards and explained why I got upset and she completely understood. Mom and I are going to look at furniture hopefully this week/weekend.

If anyone wants to suggest a good place to go look or buy, I'm all ears!!

You lucky readers of my blog can see a couple of bare belly shots, I decided to not put those on facebook b/c of weirdos and noseys.

This picture just makes me laugh. I was trying to show how heavy my belly is starting to feel.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Ah the holidays. I get so stressed out during this time of year. I don't really know why but I do it to myself. I think it's the pressure of shopping. Pleh. It's over now and I survived, yay! Here are a few pics to highlight our Christmas break.
This picture cracks me up....I swear Daisy really loves her Christmas dress. She just prances and gets all excited when I pull it out of the closet and put it on her. Her excitement is expressed in the picture below:

Christmas Eve was full of snow all day...how fun was that?? It was great until we drove home from Azle at 11pm and a 15 minute drive took over an hour and a half. At least we made it home safely. We had our guardian angels on us that day b/c we barely made it down "rollercoaster road." I couldn't believe how many trucks and 4 wheel drive vehicles we passed that were ditched on the side of the road as we cruised by in our little '91 Honda Accord. Here is a lovely picture of me that I wanted to take while it was snowing pretty hard. Obviously I was getting ready and it was the only pic I could snap during the heavy snow. (I wish I looked cuter but whatever)

I love this picture b/c of the white background...however some snow fell on my left boob and I had this lovely wet spot. Eric is going to photo shop it out but until he does you may view the unedited version.

I did not post this pic on facebook b/c of obvious reasons...but since you all are my friends and have to be nice to me I will post it for you. :)

Here are pics of me sitting on my parents' lap...my mom couldn't stop laughing b/c I'm feeling rather dense lately.

I have some videos to post soon, but I have to upload some software and convert the files. Hopefully I can post more tonight.
Overall we had a wonderful Christmas and I'm so thankful for our wonderful families.

26 Weeks

Well, I am behind on my blogging...sorry. Everything was fine at the doctor this week for my appointment. I measured a little big this time. Apparently I measured as if I was at 28 weeks, so at my next appointment if I still measure big I will get another sonogram to check on everything. I think I measured big b/c little man seems to really enjoy sitting up in my rib cage. Some days he is so high and I really don't know how he is getting up there since my uterus isn't supposed to be that big yet. Oh well. I also get to drink that lovely glucose drink and get my blood drawn at my next appointment. Fun times. I would like another sono just so I can take a look at this big boy I'm carrying. I love how I can feel him all the time now. Still no name, parents just can't decide.