Saturday, September 25, 2010

6 months!

Okay I don't have a picture right now, but I will add one soon. I'm too tired to walk downstairs at the moment. Haha. Man, those shots were rough this time at the doctor. Poor baby was still whimpering as we were leaving. Ugh, I hate that. He did great though. He weighs 18.14 lbs (75th percentile) and is 26.5" tall (50th percentile). The night was not so good. He woke up every hour or so and was so restless. Lately he tries to get comfortable a lot but just moves around for a long time. I will lay him in his crib and he will try to get comfy and lay his head down and sleep...but he has yet to put himself to sleep. I will leave him there or stand and pat his back but it doesn't work yet. I can tell it's in the future though! :) It's OK with me if he still needs mama to snuggle him to sleep. However, any tricks or suggestions are welcomed for getting some good sleep habits!

So, he was a little constipated the other day and so I decided to give him prunes for his first fruit yesterday at dinner. He did NOT like them at all. I have a video of it that's pretty funny. Although as soon as we stopped recording he did that shudder like it's absolutely disgusting. (Like the I Love Lucy episode of Vitameatavegemin! LOL) But, he did have some relief in his diaper that next morning. So, hah! I win. Wait. How do I win when I'm the one cleaning up shit? Hmmm.

Today he will hardly eat his cereal...he just spits it out b/c he thinks I'm going to sneak those nasty prunes in there again. Lol. I got him to eat some of it finally this morning and I even let him try peaches instead...and he just looked at me like I was giving him gasoline or something. Seriously?? Peaches rock. Mom said those were my favorite when I was little. Maybe I need to make my own food (Courtney said it tastes way better). He refused to really eat at dinner either. But he was really tired from shopping with me today. I assume he will be hungry tomorrow and eat.

I pray for a better night's sleep tonight!

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