Monday, August 17, 2009

New Addition

We welcomed Daisy to our family a few weeks ago. She is a 1 1/2 year old pit bull who is sweet as can be. She is quite the cuddler and loves to give hugs. Chester seems to get along with her very well unless there is a bone up for grabs. He then becomes the alpha dog and goes for her neck. She just looks at him like "fool, please." Our cat Jolie does not like Daisy, but Jolie starts it! They will get along someday.

Crawfish Boil

Eric's dad likes to host a crawfish boil every now and then. I personally do not like crawfish, pleh!! To be honest, I do not have hardly any pictures of me b/c I just hid behind the camera while everyone ate. I think they cooked about 80 lbs. Poor little guy, didn't know what was coming.

He was giving lessons on how to eat them. I did not participate. It smelled gross to me, although Eric made me try one. I chewed it and spit it out. Tasted like lake. I was the photographer for the rest of the day.

Double Rainbow

These were taken a few weeks ago but I am behind on my posting. We were able to see a full double rainbow outside our house. It was so pretty I thought I would share.