Friday, June 11, 2010

8 weeks old

2 months already?? No way! His check up went great. He had his shots, which made me so sad. But, I was nursing him and then we took him off for a second and by the time he let out that one cry he was back to nursing so he seemed to do well. Still, that scream they do when they are in pain is just awful. He weighed 12 lbs and was 23 inches long. He can push straight up off his belly and likes to swat at toys. I'm still tired, but I'm doing better. Getting sleep when I can and I'm learning his natural nap times which helps. A perfect morning is when I can just pee and get a shower and dry my hair without having to stop every 3 seconds and put a pacifier in his mouth. Oh who am I kidding? A perfect morning is just getting to pee and brush your teeth without holding a baby.

1 comment:

  1. What a funny little expression! It sounds like you guys are having a great time together.