Friday, June 11, 2010

10 weeks old

Okay...phew. We are up to date now. Let's see...I'm not sure how much he weighs but I imagine it's about 13.5 lbs. He flipped from his tummy to his back this week and now that's all he likes to do if he lays on his tummy. It didn't even scare him when he did it for the first time. But, he can turn REALLY slow too. His new favorite thing to do is for you to pull him up by his hands to sit up and then he will pull himself up on his feet. He hasn't quite learned to put his feet flat and farther apart but he can support his weight well. He will shake and grunt like he is giving it all he's got and then he is soooo happy when he sits down. I can't get over how much fun he is. He also jumps sometimes and looks super proud of himself. I can't believe how big he is already. He looks different to me. He doesn't sleep through the night yet but part of that is my fault b/c I run in too quickly to check on him. He can sleep 7 hours though, but it might be interrupted slightly. He cannot stand to have a dirty diaper...which is really frustrating sometimes. But maybe he will be easy to potty train. Here's hoping!

8 weeks old

2 months already?? No way! His check up went great. He had his shots, which made me so sad. But, I was nursing him and then we took him off for a second and by the time he let out that one cry he was back to nursing so he seemed to do well. Still, that scream they do when they are in pain is just awful. He weighed 12 lbs and was 23 inches long. He can push straight up off his belly and likes to swat at toys. I'm still tired, but I'm doing better. Getting sleep when I can and I'm learning his natural nap times which helps. A perfect morning is when I can just pee and get a shower and dry my hair without having to stop every 3 seconds and put a pacifier in his mouth. Oh who am I kidding? A perfect morning is just getting to pee and brush your teeth without holding a baby.

7 weeks old

Oh my how interactive we are! I have so many pictures from this week and they are all soooo cute! He started to kick his legs a lot more and he is always so happy. I couldn't ask for a better baby. Well...his night sleeping does need improvement.

Side note: I am doing these posts very quickly...I intend to have more exciting posts and to be more on top of my game.

6 weeks old

He started to do this funny chuckle this week...not really a laugh, just a little "heh...hehehe" under his breath. He also will whisper his coos which really makes me laugh. He LOVES to lay on his changing table and just talk and be funny. His room makes him happy. He does like his crib, but not as much as mama's chest. :) He can push himself up off his belly really well and holds his head up just fine. We really don't hold it at all when we pick him up anymore. He loves to sit on Eric's chest and push up with his arms. It's his favorite thing.

5 weeks old

Time is moving so fast it's a little scary to me. Since I'm so far behind I don't remember many specifics of this week. He started to coo at my mom for the first time and I got it on camera. It's so cute. He gets very animated now and loves to sit on your belly or legs and talk to you. We are still up a lot at night so he is still in the bassinet in our room. Or in our bed sometimes b/c I am just too tired to stand over the bassinet. I don't care...I love snuggling with him and I wedge him in a way that he is perfectly safe. I love catching him when he wakes up and seeing those sweet smiles and long stares. Melts my heart.

4 weeks old - (sorry it took so long!)

Okay I'm just starting to get a good routine down so that I'm able to manage my time a little more efficiently. I spent the first 2 months just cuddling my baby as much as I could. They are only that small for such a short time and I cannot believe he is almost 3 months old currently. (yeah...I'm like 8 weeks behind on my blog. Nice.)

Since March, everything is kind of a blur and ran together but I do remember some milestones he has overcome so I will try to be accurate. At his 1 month check up he weighed 10lbs even and was 21 inches long. He is in the 50% percentile for weight and 50% percentile for height. He has amazing head control and he raises his head up all the time when he is on his belly. He makes these really loud excited yells that are soo sweet and fun. Sometimes he gets very excited. He is still so happy. He eats every 3 hours but will sleep almost 5 if he sleeps on me. I love him so much and he is pretty mellow until he gets mad. He will go from 0-100 FAST but he is pretty easy to console. For me at least. Heh. Boys sure do love their mamas.

Oh, and I got the experience of being peed on as well as #2. Score.