Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Capture the essence

I was browsing through the maternity pictures that we had taken and I came across this one. It just makes me laugh so much. I haven't posted all the pics yet b/c they need to be edited and I am waiting to get them back from the photographer.

Why is this always funny to me?

It just makes me laugh to pose like this with anything remotely penis shaped. Eric has a video of me trying to make out with it. Yes, that's correct. Video. I thought he was taking a picture so there is me acting like a total douche with this giant lump of snow. We quickly snapped this picture and then turned it into a snowman as seen below. Can you see how manly our snowman is? He has pecks and a 6-pack. :)

33 Weeks

Oh my how time flies. I feel so much movement and it is starting to hurt. Now I understand the urgency of the statement "I need to pee. Now." We still don't have a name for the little guy, I think we are going to take a few names that we both agree on to the hospital and we will just have to wait and see what he looks like. I start going to the doctor once a week starting on Feb 26th and there are only a handful of appointments left before he is here. I am soooo not ready! I can't wait to hold him, but I feel nothing but pure panic when I look around my house. Oh well, I guess that's normal. I mean, what can you do....like a baby really cares if your house is picked up and organized.